Puppet Shows for Schools and Libraries

Update: We can incorporate your curriculum into our live streaming puppetry workshops and puppet shows.

We are customizable and flexible - and we take Purchase Orders.


During the shows, the children will listen, laugh, interact directly with characters, and ask questions about puppetry and storytelling afterward.  Each show is tailored for maximum fun and engagement.

Fun & Learning

Our presentations empower kids to think about stories in a new way, acting them out and using the fundamentals of puppetry to become the characters.  In this way they learn empathy, storytelling, and story structure.  Plus they laugh a lot!

High Quality

WonderSpark Puppets offers high quality, highly customizable puppet shows that tie in to themes or stories that kids know.  Since 2009, our family-run mobile theater has brought the art and traditions of booth and tabletop puppetry to educational environments like schools and libraries.

Theater Experience

WSP brings puppet theater into your classroom with highly interactive performances and workshops.  This ancient art form engages the imagination and kickstarts a love of theater at an early age.  Best of all, you get a theater experience without ever leaving the classroom.

We have performed at:
New York Public Library     Brooklyn Public Library
P.S. 58 The Carroll School     P.S. 198 K (Brooklyn)
P.S. 177 The Marlboro School     P.S. 224 (Queens)
P.S. 78 (Queens)     P.S. 84 (Manhattan)
My Little School (Tribeca) ...and more!
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Book a live streaming puppet show for your school, friend group or celebration!  We specialize in making happy memories with highly interactive personalized shows!

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