Streaming Schedule

updated September 28th
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Now streaming on Facebook Live and YouTube Live:

MONDAY at 11am

Hand Puppet Basics with Chad Williams


DIY Puppet Workshops - live with Z. and Chad

SUNDAY at 3pm

Puppet Parent Podcast - 'behind the scenes' with Z. & Chad

Hanging by a Thread

Since early March we have been completely shut down by COVID-19. We instantly lost 100+ gigs when the quarantine began. Our performing partners were also effected. Some of the venues we perform at every year have closed, our allies have lost their jobs, the list goes on and on.

Streaming Future

To help our fellow parents and their children during this time of uncertainty, we have been streaming our shows, workshops, and more. For the Spring to Summer we streamed every single day. Now that the school year has begun again, we are still streaming weekly with an emphasis on helping teachers and parents of young children.

How Can I Help?

I'm glad you asked! You can help us by buying things from our online store, becoming a monthly supporter, or donating through Venmo or PayPal here:



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Book a live streaming puppet show for your school, friend group or celebration!  We specialize in making happy memories with highly interactive personalized shows!

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