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updated March 19th

Join us every day during the COVID-19 outbreak / quarantine for live sessions on Facebook Live.

Daily Streaming Schedule:

Live Puppet Shows - Fridays at 11am EST

DIY Puppet Workshops - 4pm Mon-Fri, 10am Sat-Sun

Archive of DIY Puppet Workshops

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Closed For March

Hey there. Unfortunately, all of our free and upcoming shows for March & April 2020 have all been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Our business, like all theaters, is severely impacted by the outbreak. I hope that you will choose to join us in May for puppet shows throughout the New York metropolitan area.

How Badly Was WonderSpark Impacted?

Most schools, libraries, parties, and temples that we usually perform at every March and April cancelled their events. That impacted everyone on our team, including our performing partners and their families. We are not alone - many restaurants, theaters and gig-economy workers are impacted.

How Can I Help?

I'm glad you asked! You can help us by buying things from our online store, becoming a monthly supporter, or donating through Venmo or PayPal here:



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Book a live streaming puppet show for your school, friend group or celebration!  We specialize in making happy memories with highly interactive personalized shows!

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