Birthday Party Puppet Shows

The Case of the Missing Birthday

When a birthday goes missing, only one detective is clever enough, brave enough, and smart enough to solve the case - Mystery Max!

Join Max on a wild adventure to find Nancy's missing birthday.  Along the way we'll meet crazy characters, make new friends, sing songs and find clues.  Whodunit?

Puppet show in a traditional puppet booth

35-40 minutes long


- Finger Puppet Workshop

- Pet Dragon Workshop

Princess Petunia & The Dragon

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Lockhart, the sun turned cold!

All the trees and plants were in danger of freezing. It's up to a brave princess to overcome a medieval bully, help her friends, ride a dragon and save the day.


Themes include helping others, environmentalism, and believing in yourself.


This 'Ages 3 & Up' adventure includes lots of laughter, a cast of hilarious characters, and is great for Tu B'Shevat.


Runtime: 45 minutes

New puppet cast premiered at the 14th Street Y Theater in 2020.


- Finger Puppet Workshop

- Pet Dragon Workshop



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