Birthday Party Puppet Shows

The Case of the Missing Birthday

When a birthday goes missing, only one detective is clever enough, brave enough, and smart enough to solve the case - Mystery Max!

Join Max on a wild adventure to find Nancy's missing birthday.  Along the way we'll meet crazy characters, make new friends, sing songs and find clues.  Whodunit?

Puppet show in a traditional puppet booth

35-40 minutes long


Birthday Party Workshops!

Make your child's birthday a special one where everyone can celebrate together!

Our teaching artists can join you on Zoom or host the party. We will lead the kids in a DIY Puppetry Workshop using materials that you have at home.

We have over 100 workshops to choose from and can theme what we make based on your child's favorite story or character.

Runtime: 15 or 30 minutes



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Book a live streaming puppet show for your school, friend group or celebration!  We specialize in making happy memories with highly interactive personalized shows!

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