Workshops for Adults

Customizable felt hand puppets
Z teaches a group of teachers, therapists, an artists

Making Connections Through Puppetry

In this multi-day intensive, professionals working with young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (targeted at ages Pre-K through 2nd grade) are invited to learn about using puppetry within a professional setting. Teachers, therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, and others working with neuro-diverse children are welcome to attend. Puppetry can be used as an amazing tool for interaction, pretend play, communication, de-escalation, joint attention, and more.


Led by professional puppeteer Lindsey "Z." Briggs, participants will learn the basics of performance and technique as well as discuss ways to utilize puppets to make connections with children diagnosed with autism and utilize them when working with children with ASD. Each participant will receive their own puppet to personalize and take home.

Can be done in-person or virtually. Contact us for more information.


Hand Puppet Technique - All Levels

To preserve the art form and to empower a new generation of puppeteers, Chad Williams teaches hand puppet technique to students of all levels. Participants will create their own puppets, tell their own stories, and learn the best techniques and secrets from a hand puppetry expert.

University students, festival goers, professional puppeteers and more have taken this workshop in the USA and internationally. Chad is a recognized leader in his field, studying under Kuang-Yu Fong in 2011 and the legendary Hua Hua Zhang in 2016-17.

This is a multi-session workshop that can be done in-person or virtually. Single session workshops are also available.

Contact us for more information.


Apprenticeship / Internship

Are you interested in a hands-on deep dive into the world of puppetry? WonderSpark Puppets offers a customizable apprenticeship / internship program that can enhance your puppetry skills. Best of all, you'll either earn internship credit (college or university) or get paid!

  • Paid Job - Apprentices are paid workers who produce high-quality work while they learn skills and techniques.

  • Real World Learning- Interns engage through structured learning in a ever-changing setting.

  • Mentorship - Provides apprentices with the support of a skilled mentor to assist and enhance critical hands-on learning.

  • Credit - Offers a college-recognized internship credit to be issued at the completion of the program.

We comply with New York State laws regarding internships - you will not be doing unpaid labor. The program runs 1-3 months in Spring - Summer.

POC are highly encouraged to apply!

Contact us for more information.