Quick Workshops


Finger Puppet Workshop

- everyone can make 2 puppets

- great for ages 3 and up

- we provide all materials

- creative fun followed by imaginative play!

- best when paired with a performance

Pet Dragon Workshop

- everyone makes 1 sock puppet dragon

- puppeteer demonstrates proper technique

- we provide all materials

- great for ages 5 and up

- excellent post-show activity

Teaching Artist Workshops


Hand Puppetry 101

- learn proper hand puppet technique

- everyone will make 1 'quick puppet'

- learn theater basics and brainstorm scenes

- everyone gets to perform!



- upgrade for more substantial puppets

TV Puppetry (Muppet style)

- we will build puppets, write a script and film a short video piece!

- learn TV puppetry techniques from the pros

- every student will keep their own unique puppet and a copy of the video

Customizable Residency

- days or weeks, we can create a custom curriculum to fit your needs

- special art classes or theater, we'll help the students bring their creations to life

- any style of puppetry, all skill levels

Professional Training

Customizable felt hand puppets
Z teaches a group of teachers, therapists, an artists

Making Connections

Through Puppetry

- full day workshops on puppet technique and application in classrooms and beyond

- everyone customizes a substantial hand puppet and performs with their peers

- training for teachers, actors, beginners or professionals



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