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Workshops for Kids

Puppet Theater Play!

WonderSpark Puppets will transform students into confident puppeteers and empower young learners to tell their own stories with simple materials.


In this customizable 60-minute class, students will build puppets, learn about theater and perform their own original stories. Students will also learn about the traditional performing arts of other cultures and master simple script writing.

WonderSpark Puppets has been teaching puppetry in public and private schools since 2010 and has a variety of simple yet effective curriculum that allows kids of all abilities to create and play.

We currently teach this program every week in after school programs at Queens schools like PS 85, PS 84, PS 17, PS 166 and PS 150.

Contact us for more details.

DIY Puppet Workshop

We have over 100 DIY puppetry projects that utilize simple household materials. From rod puppets to tabletop animals, each workshop is tailored for specific age and skill levels.

Our teaching artist will lead a 15-minute workshop where everyone creates and performs their own puppet.

Must be paired with a performance.

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